Battery Saver- 3015 LCD

Battery Saver- 3015 LCD

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With PULSE CLEANER Desulfation “Battery Extending” Technology!

The Battery Saver™ Maintainer with Tester is a highly versatile 25 watt dual voltage maintainer, charger and tester with an automatic battery cleaner, 6 & 12 Volt no switch application and a convenient built-in digital battery tester that displays the battery's voltage, amp output and battery charge percentage bar. The 25 watt design is very powerful and can maintain a vehicle with up to two batteries. Each unit features our signature Auto-Pulse cleaning desulfation technology, micro processor control and can automatically recognize both 6 and 12 volt batteries and will switch to the correct charging setting when connected. Perfect for long term maintaining of large cars, trucks, SUVs, boats & more!

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