We perform complete restorations on cars of multiple Era's.  Vintage, Pre-War American, Post-War American and European.  We pride ourselves in a precise, show quality, restoration, that is sure to last decades.


The Process

Our process begins by assessing the cars, determining the end goal for the vehicle and how our service may best be tailored to our client's needs.


Paint and Body

Precision paint work is the first that people see and our signature for the vehicles we refinish.  This starts with ensuring all metal is cleaned, free of rust and old unsatisfactory body repairs.  Necessary steps are taken to create a lasting finish.  We take the extra steps to ensure an excellent color match.

The Product

We use only the highest quality paint materials available.  BASF/Glasurit protects and gives a long lasting shine and finish.  The luster doesn't compare to other brands and the longevity of the product has been proven.  We finish each paint job by rubbing and buffing each panel, ensuring it meets the quality standard we have all become accustomed to. 


From routine maintenance and oil changes to complete mechanical rebuilds.  We complete each task with ultimate precision.  Our clients have had great comfort in our routine maintenace programs, electrical rewiring; repair and diagnostic, engine builds, suspension restoration, brake restoration, transmission rebuilds, etc.


Component Restoration

For the mechanically inclined, many tasks may become more than they bargained for.  We offer component restoration for those needing individual pieces rebuilt so they might finish their project car.  All pieces are refinished to exact factory finish unless otherwise specified.  Components we rebuild include: 

  • Engine
  • Manual Transmission
  • Carburetor
  • Fuel Pump
  • Rear Axle
  • Front Axle
  • Suspension Assemblies
  • Brake Components
  • Generator
  • Starter
  • Distributor
  • Original Bolts and Brackets (up to 8" long)
  • Stainless and Brightwork Polishing