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Hammer & Dolly Auto Restorations "Your Classic is Our Passion"

Hammer & Dolly

Automotive Restorations, LLC

A shop as passionate about the hobby,

as you are about your classic.

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Maintenance, Machining, Component Restoration, Paint and Body repair, Upholstery, Electrical, Fabrication, Mechanical restoration and Complete restoration are some of the many services we offer.  Our goal is to provide a service tailored to the use of your vehicle, with the highest quality standards.


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They have done several small and large projects for my collection: incredibly professional and accommodating. I know I can trust them to work diligently.
— Bill
The repairs have given me new confidence in my Porsche. It just runs amazing! We’re planning a tour in the near future.
I enjoyed driving the ‘50 Cadillac around last night! Just like a new car, quite a difference. Thanks for your work. This is a neat piece of machinery
— Joel


OUr PromisE

We only work with the best materials available, and never compromise quality for time to ensure that the repair or restoration lasts a lifetime of memories to come.



About Us

A League of Craftsmen

My name is Adam Hammer, I started this business out of my love for classic cars and saw a need to service classic cars to the standard of my training and higher.   A graduate of McPherson College, I've studied and worked under the best craftsmen this country has to offer on various vehicles. (Rolls Royce, Duesenberg, Packard, Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche etc.)

We employ several craftsmen that, through their own experience, have developed their love of the classic car hobby and share it through their talents: Mechanical, Paint and Body, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Upholstery, and Final Assembly.  Each of these take significant skill sets. We're looking forward to showcasing our talents in your vehicle.